Our mission

Aero Team Eindhoven is on a mission to revolutionize long-range package delivery by drones. To address the limitation of drone range, we have devised a new solution in-air battery swaps. Our goal is to use battery-swap drones to swap the depleted battery of a cargo drone mid-flight, enabling the cargo drone to fly endlessly!

This year we have started our journey by building the cargo drone, Aegle!

Aegle stands out for its impressive engineering and design. One notable feature is its 3D-printed construction, which offers unparalleled customization and modularity. The use of additive manufacturing has enabled our engineering team to push the boundaries of what is achievable in drone technology. The modular design of Aegle is another highlight, allowing for easy component replacements and upgrades. Modularity ensures adaptability to a wide range of mission requirements, making Aegle a versatile and practical choice.

When it comes to flight capabilities, Aegle utilizes five motors in a quad-plane configuration, each capable of generating up to 8kg of thrust. This configuration enables stable quadcopter flight, providing reliability and control in various scenarios. Powering Aegle is a 10000mAh 12S (44.4V) battery pack, offering a hover flight time of 18 minutes or up to an hour of continuous forward flight. This battery capacity provides ample time for capturing aerial footage or completing missions without interruptions.

In terms of production efficiency, the entire assembly of Aegle can be 3D printed within a week. This rapid manufacturing process allows us to streamline production and manufacture drones in a timely manner. Aegle's design also prioritizes ease of repair, with a modular and rapidly repairable structure. This feature ensures that maintenance and repairs can be carried out quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. To ensure a robust and lightweight frame, the drone incorporates carbon fiber and acrylic supports. This combination of materials provides both strength and rigidity, while the flexible wings enhance maneuverability during flight. Aegle represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone technology through innovation, practicality, and reliable performance.

Next year we will use the knowledge we gathered while creating Aegle to start designing and building Spearow, our battery-swap drone.

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